OMG Sig Sauer M400 Tread

Offensive Marketing Group (OMG) Celebrates the launch of the  “M400 TREAD Rifle: The New Face of Freedom” Cinematic for Sig Sauer, Inc.

[Phoenix, Az 01/30/2024] – Offensive Marketing Group (OMG) is proud to celebrate the recent release of a groundbreaking video project for esteemed client Sig Sauer. Titled “M400 TREAD Rifle: The New Face of Freedom,” the masterfully shot segment artfully blends a powerful historical narrative with cutting-edge visuals to showcase the iconic M400 Tread rifle. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE

OMG collaborated with a team of specialists, including wardrobe experts, set designers, and armorers, to ensure that every aspect of the production adhered to the highest standards of authenticity. The result is a video that not only showcases the modern M400 Tread rifle but also pays homage to the spirit of American independence and freedom from tyranny.

One of the standout features of the production is the meticulous attention to detail exhibited by OMG’s in-house CGI Team. Tasked with recreating historically significant environments from the American Revolution, the team delved into extensive research, referencing authentic documents and period-specific material to ensure a truly immersive experience for the viewer.

“We were honored to help craft this important piece for Sig Sauer. It was no small task to portray the rich history of the American Patriot and the iconic flags associated with each revolutionary time period,” said Scott Conditt, Co-Founder & Creative Director at OMG.

“We really focused on story, character, and uniquely portraying each scene. The combination of high-end practical filming techniques combined with advanced CGI is something we do expertly at OMG and we feel that gave this segment a special level of surrealism,” added Jeremy Tremp, Co-Founder & Creative Director at OMG.

“M400 TREAD Rifle: The New Face of Freedom” stands as a testament to OMG’s commitment to producing world-class storytelling and unparalleled cinematic content for the industry they serve.

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