Mr Target produces some of the finest steel reactive targets for the recreational and competitive firearms community. When the company’s founder, Will Thornton approached Offensive Group about producing video and photography for the brand, the greatest concern was whether or not the FEELING of being at the range and shooting with Mr. Target brand targets could actually be captured on screen. He had attempted to have a few videos produced in the past and to put it plainly…they just didn’t live up to the excitement, the rush, and the satisfaction that a shooter enjoys when they hear that iconic “ding!” of lead impacting steel on a Mr Target reactive steel target.

Not only that, but it was important that the full potential of the experience and that the capability the product line was shown in full, making a mundane day at the range  a fully immersive, satisfying skill-game type of experience. To accomplish all of the above, Offensive Group knew they would not only be employing their skill as cinematic filmmakers (music videos, feature films, commercials – you name it) but they would also need a capable and equally skilled firearms operator.

For this, Offensive Group teamed up with renowned Arizona-based firearms and tactical training instructor, Rob Orgel of ER Tactical.  The result of the collaboration speaks for itself through a video that is visceral, intense, and sets the bar for a feedback-rich training experience that sure as hell beats merely punching holes in paper.  At Offensive group we know that at the end of the day that FEELING is really what motivates all of us as humans, as consumers and as enthusiasts. Invoking those feelings and excitement around what your brand and products have to offer the consumer and community is exactly what Offensive Group aims to do for their clients. 

Just see what we’re talking about in the video below…