OMG: A creative agency…where the team practices what they preach.

When you work with Offensive Marketing Group, you’re working with a full-service team of dedicated creatives who love working with the very products and gear that they represent. The very best way to portray a product is to truly understand it. We go hands-on, deep-dive, and LIVE the LIFE.

Our team of Photographers, Filmmakers, Writers, 3D Artists, Graphic Designers, and Marketing Strategists are not only industry enthusiasts, but also contribute to major publications, providing insight on their educational and developmental journey as they continually enhance and hone their subject matter expertise. 

There are a lot of creative agencies out there that try to be all things to all people…. But taking a pretty picture in this industry isn’t enough. You have to know your stuff, and it shows when you do.


SHOW – Don’t Just Tell:  OMG’s Jeremy Tremp provides viewers (customers) with a hands-on look at the experience of taking an M1A to the range to train and achieve hits on a 1,000 yard target in this new article produced for The Armory Life. 

Magazine cover photos? Thoughtful editorial coverage and hands-on reviews? Cinematic companion videos showing off the gear we love to represent? OMG does it all. Your customers see and FEEL the difference when the content is produced by industry insiders.

Industry Experts: OMG filmed and co-produced the Personal Defense World’s Home Defense Bites series featuring tactical training instructor Rob Orgel of ER Tactical with their friends at Athlon Outdoors. 

Like what you've seen? The team at OMG! would love to talk to you about YOUR next project. We produce:

  • Cutting-edge PHOTOGRAPHY for print and web
  • EPIC brand and product VIDEOS
  • Scheduling and Management of your SOCIAL MEDIA

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