Deer Meat For Dinner | Outdoor Wire

Offensive Marketing Group (OMG!) recently had the privilege of contributing design elements alongside the legendary firearms customizers at KOTED ARMS, who then produced a one-of-a-kind 500 magnum BFR (Biggest Finest Revolver) with Burris Optic for YouTube personality Robert Arrington of Deer Meat for Dinner. The unique custom revolver features intricate engravings of hunting locations and prized game animals that are special to Robert throughout his time as a skilled hunter and esteemed content creator.

The creative effort was organized by Offensive Marketing Group and served to bring together prestigious brands BFR and Burris Optics, legendary designers Jonathan DeVries and Steve Gonos of Koted Arms, and Robert Arrington, an influential industry figurehead and content creator. OMG Co-Founder, Jared Tremp and Master Gunsmith Brett Pikula of BFR joined Robert to film the unveiling of this heirloom piece and then embarked together on an epic wild boar and deer hunt that utilized the revolver. The video of the revolver reveal debuted on the Deer Meat For Dinner YouTube channel, which boasts an impressive 3.38 Million subscribers on December 19th, 2023.

“Fostering connections and helping bring to life a truly unique heirloom for one of our friends and favorite industry personalities, while involving the amazing brands that we are honored to represent and work with daily in this way is truly a pleasure.”

– Jared Tremp, Co-Founder, OMG.

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